Details SAC meeting* conducted in the year

S.N. Date Name and Designation of Participants Salient Recommendations Action Taken
1 28 / 02 / 2015
  1. Dr. Arvind Shukla, Director Extension, UUHF Bharsar
  2. Dr. B.P. Nautial, Dean VCSG CoH Bharsar
  3. Sh. Vikram Singh, Assistant Project Director, Distt.-Pauri
  4. Sh. Aasha Ram Pant, B.D.O, Ekeswar
  5. Sh. Vijendra Singh, D.D.M. NABARD, Pauri
  6. Dr. B.K. Tomar, Veterinary officer Pauri
  7. Sh. Sudesh Pal, Director, S.B.I., RSETI, Pauri,
  8. Sh. Narendra Singh Mehta, B.D.O. (Ag.) Thailisain
  9. Sh.Matbar Singh Rawat, farmer, Dhulait
  10. Sh. Hemant Singh, farmer, Buransi
  11. Sh. Dhurb Singh, farmer, Dungri
  12. Sh. Sanjay Singh Dobal, farmer, Kyark
  13. Sh. Ramanand Chamoli, farmer, Kyark
  14. Sh. Bhagat Singh, farmer, Sarna
  15. Sh. M. Pokhriyal, farmer, Dhor
  16. Sh. Ranu Lal, farmer, Irdhar
  17. Smt. Thaguli Devi, farmer, Dhulait
  18. Smt. Rupa Devi, farmer, Dhulait
  19. Sh. Vijay Pal Singh, farmer, Rasiya mahadev
  20. Sh. Balbeer Singh, farmer, Rasiya mahadev
  21. Sh. Manbar Singh, farmer, Saknyana
  22. Mr. Anshuman Singh, O I/C KVK Bharsar
  1. Farmers be inclined towards cultivation of hazelnut, peach, apricot, apple and walnut.
  2. Trainings for development of coarse millet food product be imparted in collaboration with government run district programme. Trainings on value addition of coarse millet be given to self help groups.
  3. Centralized trainings related to protected cultivation, mushroom cultivation, and scientific cultivation of coarse millet be imparted to the farmers.
  4. Farmers be encouraged to form farmers producer groups.
  5. Trainings related to fruits and vegetables products development be provided to the farmers.
  6. Poultry unit be established at the center and process for sale od the products be decided by the center.
  7. Scientific knowledge on protected cultivation and other important literature for farmers be made available to them.
  8. Information regarding improved varieties of vegetables and weed control measures be provided to farmers.
  9. It was suggested village Sakanayana be adopted and demonstration on various subjects be conducted in the village.
No SAC meeting conducted last year due to non availability of staff